Restricted Boats

Just a “Friendly Reminder”

Folks – Probably one of the hardest things I have to do as Captain is “say no”.    Especially to friends and senior rowers with whom I respect.

Having said that, I take boat damage personally, and when I give a “yes” to a restricted boat, and it comes back damaged – that is ON ME .

So, just a reminder.

Restricted boats are RESTRICTED for :

  • Racing – not general practices
  • Pre-Race Preparation

I realize we have boats out, but that doesn’t pass the mustard for taking a restricted boats (unless it is a racing lineup and during a coached practice)

Thanks for your understanding, John

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Please Read

  1. I apologize for the confusion for this morning. My email on closing the river was out of step with coaches call for practice.

  2. This morning – crews went out, but left the Boathouse WIDE OPEN when they left………..come on guys ???

  3. This morning – crews went out with the RIVER CLOSED (I never opened it since my email went out yesterday).

  4. There will be practice THU am.

SO for the future – a call for practice does not override whether club equipment is allowed on the water.  When in doubt – please call me.

THX for your patience.


PS – Due to the amount of damage to restricted boats and general boats, river flow and debris will be watched more closely, and I will err on the side of caution.

Boat restrictions effective immediately

I am writing to express a concern that has come to my attention from various members that needs immediate attention. Recently there have been several incidents involving "restricted boats" being used with questionable authority to do so. This has led to some confusion and ill feelings , which I am sure knowing the membership , was not the intention. In my opinion, it is a good thing that we as members self-police each other so that rules are enforced and universally followed...

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June Captain's Log


 A few notes as we enter the 2017 Summer season, Hopefully the cold will be gone for good soon.

 1)  Thanks to all who came out in spite of the weather to enjoy  this Memorial Day at our annual event. These events can only be as good as the participation. This year we had a great Rooster Race which included 7 single racers across in a very competitive event. Congratulations to all of the single sculler participants: Jacob, Kevin Montenegro, Greg Jr., Larry, Tom Sibson, John Ryan . This year's Rooster Trophy once again belongs for the second year in a row to our favorite Serb,  Djordje Vilimanovic...

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August Captain's Log

#1 Safety. The majority of incidents this summer involved coaches' launches, or boats that were being coached. Please go over the rules of the river with coaches. Also stress that being in a launch does not make breaking the rules more safe. Report all incidents. If you witness an incident and do not report it, but still talk about it, you are a whiner. Be an active part of the change on the river. Incidents will get reported to me, I connect the appropriate captains, they deal with the boats in their houses. Here is the link. If there are any bugs, please submit what you can and report the bug so that we have a report of the incident and can fix the app.

#2 Debris We need to coordinate to remove logs off the west side to aide in weed removal...

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July Captain's Log

#1 The Captain's meeting minutes are in the previous post for your review. As always, it's all about safety. Please be vigilant/cautious about where you turn and how crews are avoiding the weeds . As you may know our President was in an accident , but luckily came out unscathed. You are encouraged to report ALL incidents. Link can be accessed on FRA's Members website or here

#2 Launch drivers needed for this Saturday Youth Regatta. If you can help please do. Meet at city dock . First shift 8:30 am , second 12:30pm. Sign up here to volunteer.

#3 PLEASE HELP AL with the weeds!!! Sign up here to volunteer

#4 KUDOS to Pres John K, his first lady Maureen , Monica, and all who helped make movie night a success. It was well attended and enjoyed by all.

#5 Red Sargent has reported a few security issues at other boathouses. Please keep FRA secure.

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June Captain's Log

#1 Safety continues to be ongoing concern. You will very soon see orange paint below Columbia on the wall designating the appropriate area for safe turning. Soon to be distributed for all, Safety "app" for your cell phone, designed for reporting any safety violations of concern to our Schuykill Navy Commodore. The reporting will be reviewed to collect data in order to determine items that may be trends that require addressing for the safety of all rowers.

#2 "DUCK WEED", or whatever the weeds are really named ...

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