Some Info from the Captain

Well folks……….. the summer season is over….but the Fall is time to “step it up”.

I hope you have all noticed that our coach is back in “full swing” and his program and his coaching are focused on bringing us all to the next level.

Some reminders : (PLEASE READ) !!!!

  1. We have 6 Regattas on the horizon :

    1. 9/8 – Wye Island ( one 8+ going)

    2. 9/27 – FISA WORLDS (10 people going)

    3. 10/13 – Navy Day

    4. 10/20 – HOC (we have 2 entries accepted)

    5. 10/27 – HOS

    6. 11/3 – Hooch

  1. The coach has made, and will continue to make testing a priority – get over the mental hump and just get it done. I plan to organize a test day next Friday – Sept 14

  1. I have some cash to hand out to those volunteers from QC – cash goes to Ted V, John K, Steve K, Jake R – see me when you can. I plan to dispose of all remaining checks. If folks want them back – please see me ASAP.

  1. EQUIPMENT DAMAGE – I am quite “Irate” at the level of damage that has happened not just to our equipment, but to RESTRICTED Equipment. Soooo – unless you have permission from me, don’t take it. If there is debris – use common sense. If it is dark – use a light.

  1. Our 2x is out due to borrowed equipment damage during regatta

  2. Our 4x won’t be replaced until Dec

  3. Our new Empacher double has 2 holes

  4. If you bring back equipment with something wrong – check it, and then let me know…. Like steering, seats, tracks, or a new ding.

  1. Boat Reservations – If you need to reserve a boat for ANY upcoming Regatta – let me know. I think I have a handle on FISA Worlds, and the J&J for Navy Day. That’s it so far.

  1. Oar painting – I need just 3 volunteers to help me get those done before FISA WORDS ?? Send me a note

  1. Rigging – the coach will rig all boats for GENERAL USE. However, he will be re-rigging blades and color-coding them for various loads – young, old, woman – etc. I will send you a note on the coding once this is done