Schuylkill Navy Regatta

Mens Ltwt Masters Single

1st - M. Hurley

Women's Open Single

2nd - K. McFetridge

Mens Masters Double

1st - J. Ryan, V. Ivanoff

Womens Masters Eight

3rd - J.Sutor, M.Angelopoulos, E.Horvat, M.Konopka, A.Kuvik, M.Murray, J.Koch, S.Sargent, [T.DiAngelo]

Mens Masters Eight

2nd - M.Ruiz, J.Pickford, P.Read, T.Owston, L.Connor, J.Kowalski, J.Pulaski, V.Ivanoff, [T.DiAngelo]
3rd - J.Ulrich, T.Sibson, J.Ryan, J.Scott, D.Lennon, R.Hneleski, T.Greenwood, J.Reardon, [T.DiAngelo]

Mens Masters Quad

1st - J. Svoboda, D. Vilimanovic, G.Stefan, K. Montenegro
1st - J. Sonzogni, S. Jonik, J. Willemin, R. Galli

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State of the Schuylkill


Thanks for attending last evening's "State of the Schuylkill" meeting.  Once again, we would like to give big thanks to Saint Joseph's University for hosting this important discussion in such a well-resourced space.  In addition, we owe special thanks to Congressman Bob Brady for stopping by, and Philadelphia's Managing Director Mike DiBerardinis and Phila Parks and Recreation Commissioner Kathryn Ott Lovell for joining us.  As all in the room could see, we are well-supported by friends and partners "in City Hall" and Washington, DC...and we have important work yet to do together.

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Head of the Schuylkill

Mens Masters Fours (40-49)

1st | J. Ulrich, R. Hneleski, J. Kowalski, V. Ivanoff [L. Schaefer]

Mens Veterans Fours (60+)

2nd | J. Sonzogni, R. Sargent, R. Galli, J. Willemin [S. Kresge]

Mixed Masters Four

3rd | D. MacCormick, M. Angelopoulos, J. Sutor, J. Reardon [S. O'Connor]

Mens Alumni Fours

3rd | J. Case, S. Waters, J. Boehm, J. Bellesheim [D. Norris]

Mens Masters Eights (40-49)

1st | J. Pickford, V. Ivanoff, M. Kowalski, B. Perkins, J. Ryan, J. Scott, P. Read, J. Reardon [L. Schaefer]

Mens Masters Eights (50-59)

3rd | T. Greenwood, T. Sibson, P. Rufo, K. Montenegro, T. Kowalik, J. Krajewski, M. Hurley, P. McNamara [M. Bersani]

Mens Veterans Eights (60+)

3rd | J. Sonzogni, C. Kaufmann, S. Jonik, T. Nash, R. Sargent, T. Toland, R. Galli, J. Willemin [S. Kresge]

Mens Masters Quads (27-39)

1st | J. Svoboda, D. Vilimanovic, G. Stefan, K. Montenegro

Mens Masters Quads (40-49)

3rd | L. Connor, D. MacCormick, P. Read, D. Baugh

Mens Masters Quads (50-59)

1st | T. Sibson, J. Ryan, J. Krajewski, T. Toland

Womens Masters Quads (27-39)

3rd | M. Murray, A. Messersmith, J. Koch, A. Kuvik

Mixed Veterans Quads (60+)

3rd | R. Heppler, S. Mallett, E. Horvat, T. McLaughlin

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Head of the Charles

Men's Senior Master Eights [50+]

53rd | T. Greenwood, T. Sibson, D. Baugh, J. Scott, J. Krajewski, M. Caldwell, E. Villanueva, T. Toland [M. Bersani]

Men's Master Fours [40+]

14th | J. Ryan, V. Ivanoff, C. Lake, J. Reardon [M. Bersani]

Men's Senior Master Fours [50+]

41st | J. Sonzogni, T. Nash, R. Sargent, J. Willemin [M. Mark]

Men's Club Singles

4th* | K.Kelly

Parent/Child Doubles

14th* | J.Kieffer/H.Kieffer

* Top 50%

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Navy Day Regatta

Mens Masters 1x (27 - 39 yrs)

3rd | K.Montenegro

Mens Masters 4+ (40 - 49 yrs)

1st | B.Perkins, R.Hneleski, G.Stefan, J.Reardon, [T.DiAngelo]

Mens Masters 4+ (50 - 59 yrs)

1st | J.Ryan, V.Ivanoff, P.Rufo, R.Sargent, [M.Bersani]

Mens Masters 4+ (60+ yrs)

1st | J.Sonzogni, R.Galli, S.Jonik, J.Willemin, [S.Kresge]

Mixed Masters 2x (27 - 39 yrs)

3rd | A.Messersmith, B.Severi

Womens Masters 2x (60+ yrs)

1st | S.Sargent, B.Hogan

Mixed Masters 4x (50 - 59 yrs)

2nd | R.Heppler, M.Angelopoulos, E.McNamara, T.McLaughlin

Mens Masters 4x (27 - 39 yrs)

2nd | J.Pulaski, P.Morgan, E.Scacchitti, T.Villanueva

Mens Masters 4x (50 - 59 yrs)

3rd | D.Baugh, T.Sibson, J.Krajewski, T.Toland

Mens Masters 4x (60+ yrs)

1st | J.Sonzogni, S.Jonik, R.Galli, J.Willemin

Mens Masters 8+ (40 - 49 yrs)

1st | K.Gross, D.Goettner, M.Kowalski, J.Pickford, P.Rufo, K.Montenegro, J.Ryan, V.Ivanoff, [M.Cipollone]

Mens Masters 8+ (50 - 59 yrs)

3rd | T.Greenwood, T.Kowalik, S.Kowalik, P.Read, D.Lennon, J.Scott, J.Ulrich, M.Hurley, [L.Grant]

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Quaker City Regatta

Parent/Child 2x

1st | J. Ryan. S. Ryan

Mens A-C 1x

2nd | D. Vilimanovic
3rd | K. Montenegro
1st | J. Svoboda

Mens D-H 8+

3rd | D.MacCormick, T.Kowalik, D.Baugh, J.Krajewski, C.Kaufmann, P.McNamara, M.Hurley, T.Toland, [T.DiAngelo])

Mens A-C 8+

1st | J.Greenwood, T.Sibson, E.Scacchitti, J.Scott, D.Lennon, E.Villanueva, J.Ryan, v.Ivanoff, [L.Schaefer]
2nd | K.Gross, G.Goettner, P.Read, J.Reardon, J.Fullerton, K.Montenegro, B.Perkins, P.Rufo, [M.Cipollone]

Mens D-H 4+

3rd | T.Greenwood, D.Baugh, C.Kaufmann, J.Scott, [T.DiAngelo]

Mixed A-C 2x

1st | K.McFetridge, D.Vilimanovic

Father/Son 2x

3rd | D.Hayes, M.Hayes

Mens D-H 4x

1st | T.Sibson, J.Krajewski, D.Baugh, T.Toland
1st | A.Cook, D.Krmpotich, T.Nash, R.Sargent [Composite]
3rd | J.Sonzogni, S.Jonik, R.Galli, J.Willemin

Womens A-C 2x

3rd | M.Murray, A.Kuvik

Mens A-C 4x

1st | J.Svoboda, D.Vilimanovic, G.Stefan, K.Montenegro

Mixed A-H 4+

3rd | D.MacCormick, T.Kowalik, M.MacCormick, M.Angelopoulos, [T.DiAngelo]

Womens D-H 2x

2nd | S.Sargent, B.Hogan

Mens A-C 4+

1st | J.Case, S.Waters, J.Boehm, J.Bellesheim, [D.Norris]
3rd | B.Perkins, G.Goettner, D.Lennon, J.Reardon, [M.Cipollone]

Mixed A-H 8+

1st | J.Case, S.Waters, J.Boehm, J.Bellesheim, M.Angelopoulos, K.McFetridge, J.Sutor, M.Murray, [D.Norris]
2nd | J.Sonzogni, A.Jonik, E.Normoyle, T.Toland, H.McFie-Simone, C.Holdsworth, S.Jonik, J.Willemin, [T.DiAngelo] [Composite]

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Independence Day Regatta

Womens Masters Quad

3rd | J.Jaskot, J.Konopka, C.Kwapinski, S.Lamb

Mens Single

3rd | D.Vilimanovic

Mens Masters Single

1st | K.Montenegro
1st | J.Svoboda
1st | R.Sargent

Mens Masters Eight

3rd | K.Gross, G.Goettner, D.Lennon, J.Reardon, P.Rufo, S.Kowalik, J.Greenwood, T.Villanueva, [M.Cipollone]
2nd | D.MacCormick, T.Kowalik, P.Read, L.Connor, G.Stefan, T.Sibson, B.Dave, T.Greenwood, [T.DiAngelo])

Womens Masters Double

3rd | S.Sargent, B.Hogan

Mens Masters Quad

1st | J.Svoboda, G.Stefan, D.Vilimanovic, K.Montenegro

Mens Eight

1st | O.Verrill, L.Horgan, J.Familetti, A.Lutz, N.Peyton, J.Rebillard, I.Reape, T.Margiotti, [A.Carabello]

Mens Masters Four

3rd | T.Toland, J.Ryan, T.Sibson, J.Krajewski
1st | J.Sonzogni, S.Jonik, R.Galli, J.Willemin

Mens Masters Four+

1st | J.Boehm, S.Waters, F.Barry, J.Bellesheim, [D.Norris]
3rd | L.Connor, G.Stefan, D.Lennon, J.Reardon, [T.DiAngelo]
3rd | T.Toland, J.Krajewski, J.Ryan, T.Sibson, [L.Schaefer]

Mixed Masters 2x

2nd | R.Sargent, S.Sargent

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Quaker City Volunteers

Quaker City is less than three weeks away which means its time to volunteer! The best Master's Regatta (and afterparty) on the Schuylkill needs everyone's participation to succeed.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP  Fill out your name and contact info next to as many slots as you can. Launch Drivers and Parking Crew are always hard to fill! There are many job opportunities and we can work with your racing schedule to some degree. Of course, the sooner you figure out what events you are racing, the sooner you can figure out when you are able to volunteer.  Take a look at last years schedule for a rough idea of race times. Registration is open on Regatta Central.

Reach out with any questions.


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Schuylkill Navy Regatta

Masters Mixed Double

1st| R. Sargent, S. Sargent

Mens Masters Four

3rd| L Connor, G. Stefan, D. Lennon, J. Reardon (M. Cipollone)
3rd| D. MacCormick, T. Kowalik, J. Scott, P. Read (T. DiAngelo)

Womens Masters Single

3rd| M. Murray

Mens Masters Single

2nd| K Montenegro
2nd| J. Svoboda
2nd| J Pratt

Womens Masters Double

3rd| M Angelopoulos, E Horvat
1st| S. Sargent, B Hogan

Mens Masters Double

3rd| T Nash, R Sargent

Mens Masters Quad

1st| J Svoboda, M Dolson, D Vilimanovic, K Montenegro
2nd| J Sonzogni, S Jonik, R Galli, J Willemin

Womens Masters Quad

3rd| A Messersmith, M Murray, J Koch, A Kuvik

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Restore Depth on the Schuylkill and Boathouse Row

The Schuylkill River needs your help.
Schuylkill River Dredging Project costs have risen from the original $3M to $4.7M.

(The Good news) it is still on the Army Corps of Engineers’ 2017 project list - a major win.

(The Bad news) no federal funding is assigned yet and as a recreational project, rather than commercial, it ranks lower on the Corps current list (of about 30 projects).

PLEASE sign the Sign-Up-Genius petition on the Schuylkill Navy website. Names will be circulated to appropriate political stakeholders (using zip codes). A link to the petition can be found here:

Scroll to the end of the list of names and "X" the small “Sign-Up” box

Click the larger “Submit and Sign” button at the bottom.

Prep Challenge


Congratulations to Coach Pat in medaling in the Philadelphia Indoor Rowing Challengeheld this past Sunday at St Joe Prep's Kelly Field house. Coach brought home the gold in the 20 min. and 2K pieces. The "Challenge", consists of a 20min piece followed by a 2K and finally a 500 meter sprint.  This is the second year, and the event continues to grow with approximately 350 participants including HS, masters, and cross fit attendees. You are encouraged to participate in upcoming years. Way to go Pat!

Blessing of the Water

The Water of Life

Yesterday, a mild January Sunday, with a gray sky overhead releasing a misty rain, the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia was blessed. It badly needed it. Silt and weed buildup over the last decade or more has rendered the river a challenge for rowers. The usual bureaucratic red tape has held up much needed dredging. Yet these matters were nowhere near the forefront of reasons prayers were made over the river. The theme and rationale for the Orthodox Blessing of the Waters was the Epiphany of the Lord.

Almost all of the Orthodox jurisdictions in the Philadelphia area, along with the Anglican Fellowship of the Delaware Valley, were represented at the Blessing. They came to the boathouse to carry out a valued rite of recalling Jesus' Holy Baptism - His immersion in the murky water of the Jordan, an act which consecrated forever that particular body of water. 

The service yesterday also marked a renewal of closer fellowship between traditional Anglicans and Orthodox, a friendship which had been lagging in recent decades. I am getting to know a number of Orthodox clergy in and around Philadelphia, and that has been a blessing in and of itself.

During the "Blessing of the Waters" it is not only the river which is blessed. The congregants are sprinkled with holy water and presented with bottles of the same to take home. They are reminded of the divine gift of water, a sign of the beneficence of our God; water to quench our thirst, grow our crops, clean our bodies, and bless ourselves and others. The Blessing of Waters is symbolic of the blessing of all Creation by our Heavenly Father, who at the beginning looked upon everything which He had made, and it was good. It recalls for the faithful their own baptisms, and the sealing of our souls by the Holy Spirit, thus binding us to Christ and to the Kingdom of God.

Water has been a constant companion in my life. I have always lived near lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. I have lived "in" them, as a swimmer, rower and fisherman. I have harvested their bounty. I have meditated upon their power and beauty. Most importantly I have been baptized by water and the Holy Spirit.

What a sight it was yesterday to see the vested clergy with choir and congregation standing on the dock overlooking Boathouse Row and the City [with the appropriately named and historic Water Works building in the background. It was a reminder, in the midst of the secular disorder, that God is still in control of the world. He makes the sun to shine and the rain to fall, the rivers to rise and the desert to bloom.

God bless you this week,

Fr. Thomas Monnat

Head of the Schuylkill Regatta

Men's Masters 4+

2nd| J. Scott/P. Read/T. Kowalik/D. MacCormick (T. D'Angelo)

Men's Masters 2x

2nd| M Dolson/J Svododa

Mixed Veteran 2x

2nd| R Sargent/S Sargent

Men's Masters 4x

1st| K. Montenegro/D. Vilimanovic/J. Svoboda/M. Dolson
3rd| G. Miller/J. Olechna/D. Himes/E. Villanuev

Men's Veterans 4x

3rd| G. Stefan/T. McLaughlin/J. Dudley/G. Stefan

Mixed Masters 4x

2nd| S Mallett /M. Angelopoulos/A Zalepa/P. Morgan

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Head of the Schuylkill

Only 4 more days until the Head of the Schuylkill, Philadelphia’s largest regatta!
The Board of Directors and Regatta Organizing committee want to thank you for your overwhelming support and enthusiasm on and off the water. As you all know, more than 350 volunteers run the HOSR and many of you and your club members are part of our volunteer corps that now spans the greater rowing community. 
 Only 4 more days until the Head of the Schuylkill, Philadelphia’s largest regatta!
The Board of Directors and Regatta Organizing committee want to thank you for your overwhelming support and enthusiasm on and off the water. As you all know, more than 350 volunteers run the HOSR and many of you and your club members are part of our volunteer corps that now spans the greater rowing community. 
Please remind your membership that the river traffic pattern changes on Friday, October 28, at 5:00am...

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