Schuylkill Navy Regatta

Mens Ltwt Masters Single

1st - M. Hurley

Women's Open Single

2nd - K. McFetridge

Mens Masters Double

1st - J. Ryan, V. Ivanoff

Womens Masters Eight

3rd - J.Sutor, M.Angelopoulos, E.Horvat, M.Konopka, A.Kuvik, M.Murray, J.Koch, S.Sargent, [T.DiAngelo]

Mens Masters Eight

2nd - M.Ruiz, J.Pickford, P.Read, T.Owston, L.Connor, J.Kowalski, J.Pulaski, V.Ivanoff, [T.DiAngelo]
3rd - J.Ulrich, T.Sibson, J.Ryan, J.Scott, D.Lennon, R.Hneleski, T.Greenwood, J.Reardon, [T.DiAngelo]

Mens Masters Quad

1st - J. Svoboda, D. Vilimanovic, G.Stefan, K. Montenegro
1st - J. Sonzogni, S. Jonik, J. Willemin, R. Galli

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Schuylkill Navy Regatta

Masters Mixed Double

1st| R. Sargent, S. Sargent

Mens Masters Four

3rd| L Connor, G. Stefan, D. Lennon, J. Reardon (M. Cipollone)
3rd| D. MacCormick, T. Kowalik, J. Scott, P. Read (T. DiAngelo)

Womens Masters Single

3rd| M. Murray

Mens Masters Single

2nd| K Montenegro
2nd| J. Svoboda
2nd| J Pratt

Womens Masters Double

3rd| M Angelopoulos, E Horvat
1st| S. Sargent, B Hogan

Mens Masters Double

3rd| T Nash, R Sargent

Mens Masters Quad

1st| J Svoboda, M Dolson, D Vilimanovic, K Montenegro
2nd| J Sonzogni, S Jonik, R Galli, J Willemin

Womens Masters Quad

3rd| A Messersmith, M Murray, J Koch, A Kuvik

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Fan Choice Awards

Congratulations to Gabriele Cipollone from Vesper Boat Club. She was named Master's Coach of the Year. A two-time Olympic gold medalist, Gabriele Cipollone coached the Vesper veteran eight to gold at the USRowing Masters National Championships and numerous small boats at the World Masters Championships.

Congratulations to Hugh Gallagher from Philadelphia Adaptive Rowing. He was named Master's Athlete of the year. Using rowing as his personal refuge, Philadelphia Adaptive Rowing’s Hugh Gallagher has been brain damaged since June of 2000. Despite the setbacks, Hugh works out two hours every day and the work has paid off with a silver medal in the legs trunk and arms double sculls at the 2016 Bayada Regatta.


Duckweed Removal Efforts

As most of you likely saw, there was a small army of approx 30 volunteers last week to help Fairmount's Al Wachlin with  "Decimation of the Duckweed" in 2-3 hours outing on his barge.  It's light work that, really, anyone can do.  And, it's super fun to work with people from other clubs, etc.  Anyone can sign up HERE to receive automatic alerts of the next session's for "Miss Pippin's Platoon."