State of the Schuylkill


Thanks for attending last evening's "State of the Schuylkill" meeting.  Once again, we would like to give big thanks to Saint Joseph's University for hosting this important discussion in such a well-resourced space.  In addition, we owe special thanks to Congressman Bob Brady for stopping by, and Philadelphia's Managing Director Mike DiBerardinis and Phila Parks and Recreation Commissioner Kathryn Ott Lovell for joining us.  As all in the room could see, we are well-supported by friends and partners "in City Hall" and Washington, DC...and we have important work yet to do together.

A few items:

  • The Powerpoint Deck we presented is attached. Please feel free to share this with your clubs and others in your "River Fans" sphere of influence.  IMPORTANTLY: We are also willing to make "encore presentations" to programs and organizations.  Our offer always stands: We want to engage with as many groups as possible around these topics.
  • For those who missed the meeting, we arranged with Saint Joseph's to have it LiveStreamed and archived HERE.  And, you can share it within your organizations. 
  • Below are the addresses and cc's to which "snail mail" letters to the US Army Corps of Engineers in Washington DC can be sent.  As you heard last night: (a) These letters have mattered.  A lot.  (b) If you are unsure whether your primary organization (or those organizations that are your tenants or partners) have sent their most basic "institutional affirmation of support," ask us.  (Hint: We know that some have not).  This is an important item to which to attend; and, (c) As you heard, organizations like Philadelphia City Rowing and Undine Barge Club have mobilized their individual parents and members to also do so.  Sample institutional language (for a scholastic institution) is attached in the Sample Template, and this can easily be adjusted for an individual's use.  Key is to place your organization's letterhead at the top (if writing on behalf of the organization).
  • We will work over the next week to review the Question/Suggestion/Resource cards you completed and will send out responses to these.  We'll also work to populate a "River Infrastructure" page on the with all of these items above.
  • If you have any immediate questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to engage with us.

Finally, my own thanks to the panel (Dotty Brown, Emilia Rastrick, Andy Quinn, Catherine Reddick) and team that worked on the meeting including Paul Laskow, Margaret Meigs, Jen Wesson, Mike Murphy, and Deirdre Mullen  (along with Margo Angelopoulos who designed our Invitation). 



Bonnie Mueller
Vice Commodore
Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia



The Honorable Ryan McCarthy
Under Secretary of the Army
101 Army Pentagon. Washington, DC 20310-0101



Lieutenant General Todd T. Semonite
Commanding General and Chief of Engineers
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
441 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20314-1000


Paul Horvat,
Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia
#4 Boathouse Row
Philadelphia, PA 19130