Restore Depth on the Schuylkill and Boathouse Row

The Schuylkill River needs your help.
Schuylkill River Dredging Project costs have risen from the original $3M to $4.7M.

(The Good news) it is still on the Army Corps of Engineers’ 2017 project list - a major win.

(The Bad news) no federal funding is assigned yet and as a recreational project, rather than commercial, it ranks lower on the Corps current list (of about 30 projects).

PLEASE sign the Sign-Up-Genius petition on the Schuylkill Navy website. Names will be circulated to appropriate political stakeholders (using zip codes). A link to the petition can be found here:

Scroll to the end of the list of names and "X" the small “Sign-Up” box

Click the larger “Submit and Sign” button at the bottom.