Island Project

FRA Members,

The city is working to complete the "Island Project".  Dredging of the river in front of the FRA dock, and around the island itselfwill be required.  This project will have an effect on rowing at FRA in the coming weeks.  Rest assured that everything possible has been done to minimize the effect, and we will continue to work towards that goal and get us back to normal.  That said, this is the best estimate that we have at this time:

August 25th--The dredging equipment and alternate docks will be unloaded by crane into the river and staging will begin.

September 4th--(Labor Day Monday)  Approximately 10AM the FRA dock will be moved to a temporary mooring near the lighthouse to allow dredging near the FRA ramp.  Simultaneously, repairs to the FRA ramp are being planned.

September 5th--Dredging begins

September 5th to September 8th--No rowing from FRA Dock

September 8th--FRA dock returns
A temporary dock extension will be installed perpendicular to the existing dock.  Access will be by using the ramp and existing relocated dock to launch from the extension.  A turbidity curtain will be in place downriver of the temporary dock to allow dredging to continue around the island.

September 9th-- Rowing resumes on the temporary dock!

We will be in this mode until the turbidity can be moved to a point below the FRA dock; possibly for several weeks. 

Obviously, this is our best estimate right now.  Let me be clear that this is only to complete the island project, and no dredging of the rest of the river will be going on at this time, and no plans for that dredging have been announced.  Updates will be sent as available.  Your patience and cooperation are appreciated!

Thank You,

John Krajewski

President, Fairmount Rowing Association