Boat restrictions effective immediately

Dear FRA members,

I am writing to express a concern that has come to my attention from various members that needs immediate attention. Recently there have been several incidents involving "restricted boats" being used with questionable authority to do so. This has led to some confusion and ill feelings , which I am sure knowing the membership , was not the intention. In my opinion, it is a good thing that we as members self-police each other so that rules are enforced and universally followed.

After much thought and discussion , my suggestion is that we re think how our fleet is permissible to row. For example, I am aware that Vesper just instituted a new policy (for similar reasons) regarding restricted boats. They now have a mandatory "Bow certification" program . Once their members complete the program and are certified they may use restricted boats. This may be the direction we want to go toward so that there is legitimate objectivity, and no further subjectivity in who can row what boat.

As Captain, I am in charge of maintaining the FRA fleet in the tradition that preceded my acceptance of the job. Decisions are made always in the best interest of the club . These decisions can be difficult and never do they please all members. Therefore , until further notice, (and it will be soon) , there is a moratorium in effect regarding ALL boats that are not labeled "GENERAL USE". Our current labeling has even myself confused at best. If you desire to use a restricted boat, the request must come in an email to myself. Please give your reason for the request and I will reply ASAP. Each request will be for that row only and any additional desire to use a restricted boat will require an additional request. We will all be happier when we conclude this temporary arrangement , but to the fairness of all members, I see no other alternative for the time being.

Thank you for your cooperation,. Respectfully,  Captain Ted FRA