June Captain's Log


 A few notes as we enter the 2017 Summer season, Hopefully the cold will be gone for good soon.

 1)  Thanks to all who came out in spite of the weather to enjoy  this Memorial Day at our annual event. These events can only be as good as the participation. This year we had a great Rooster Race which included 7 single racers across in a very competitive event. Congratulations to all of the single sculler participants: Jacob, Kevin Montenegro, Greg Jr., Larry, Tom Sibson, John Ryan . This year's Rooster Trophy once again belongs for the second year in a row to our favorite Serb,  Djordje Vilimanovic ( yes , that is how to spell it). We also had 2 competitive quads , a terrific pot luck breakfast, a great day at FRA.

  2) May 2017 Captain's Meeting : At the last Captain's meeting "Safety" continues to be the topic. In an effort to diminish"ignorance" (as in I didn't know that) , we are collecting all names and contact info for ALL coaches including part time assistants for the Summer programs. We will be notifying them of the rules on the Schuylkill. An ongoing issue is unsafe turning and stopping near bridges. Please remember to only turn below Columbia bridge at the ORANGE paint mark on the Kelly Drive side. All other bridges allow at least 100 meters to turn, stop safely. Also, ALWAYS yell ahead to oncoming crews so your whereabouts is known.

  3) Summer racing: Here are the dates for the summer racing: 6/17/17 SNR (one day), 6/30/17 IDR (3 days), 8/5/17 Quaker City (1 day). To review, you may reserve a shell 30 days prior to race day. Permission will be granted based on common sense. If you have been practicing with a set crew and using the same boat it makes sense that you would race in that boat. Also, the most competitive crews will get priority to newer boats, and FRA members will have preference to composite boats(non members). Now taking RSVP's for SNR .The protocol for reserving boats is an email to myself requesting the desired boat, the names of the rowers in the boat, the event number (and estimated time). The event times generally are the same as previous years and can be found on the Regatta Central website. Every effort will be made to accommodate all requests. If you are interested in racing and not in a line up to race please let myself andCoach Rufo know so that you can be boated.

Hoping to have a great racing season. See you at the boathouse. Ted