February Captain's Log

Members, Hope you have made the best of the Winter months. I would like to thank you for again trusting me with our fleet and re electing me to Captain of FRA.  Iam sure you are all anxious to get back on water on a regular basis . With that in mind I wanted to review some basic rules.

As I said in the election meeting I see my job as Captain to maintain our boats and to provide that boats are always available to members of all abilities, whether recreationally or racing. I respectfully ask that all members respect the hierarchy of boat standard. That being, use the older boats first . If we do not follow this custom , then we will not have boats that will be ready for race days. As with all rules there are exceptions, not for individuals , but for racing crews. If you have a lineup approved by Coach , then you may reserve and practice in that boat for regattas. I ask that all members act as "Captains" and help enforce these rules for every members' benefit.

Other items:

  1. I would like to see the small hand towels used for the tracks, and any larger towels used for the hulls exclusively. This way the grease\grime won't be rubbed on the hulls. Please bring any towels you can spare to replenish as you are able. 
  2. Please tighten all nuts on the shells after rows. There is nothing worse than shoving only to have to return to the dock to make an adjustment. Please be considerate and make it a habit going forward.
  3. Please report all damages. You may have noticed our Prez took the time to make damage tags located on the bulletin board. It is self explanatory. This is for boats in need of professional repair and tagging them will render them unusable until repaired. Any minor damages can still be reported on the white board and I will see they are addressed.

Hope to see many of you on the water this weekend. Great weather predicted. Thanks for your time.