August Captain's Log

#1 Safety. The majority of incidents this summer involved coaches' launches, or boats that were being coached. Please go over the rules of the river with coaches. Also stress that being in a launch does not make breaking the rules more safe. Report all incidents. If you witness an incident and do not report it, but still talk about it, you are a whiner. Be an active part of the change on the river. Incidents will get reported to me, I connect the appropriate captains, they deal with the boats in their houses. Here is the link. If there are any bugs, please submit what you can and report the bug so that we have a report of the incident and can fix the app.

#2 Debris We need to coordinate to remove logs off the west side to aide in weed removal. The dock needs to be removed from below Boathouse Row. A coordinated "launch wash" needs to be set up. Each club should install bubblers. If you want help deciding which bubblers to buy and how to set them up, contact John Krajewski, FRA, Fall clean up day: discussed, but not planned, stay tuned for more info, or take the lead

#3 There is a re-lighting celebration 9/24 on MLK.

#4 WEEDS- THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART. Al needs more help. This isn't easy work, so the more young/ strong people that can help the better. To prevent potential collisions from people rowing around the weeds upstream in lanes 5&6 placing temporary buoys in the river was discussed. This emergency traffic pattern would go in to effect 8/29/16 and last until a storm took out the weeds. Al is being contacted for the feasibility of this plan. IF this plan is approved, we will need to make an actual plan: traffic pattern, stopping points, etc. Plan will be communicated across all fronts: Signs on boathouses like race day closures, email, social media, and a safety meeting

#5 Safety meeting 8/27/16 Just like the spring safety meeting we will be having a fall and summer safety meeting going forward. The coach and rower turnover combined with increase congestion make these meetings more important.