Hello FRA members!

Congrats to all the FRA boats and athletes that raced and performed exceptionally well this weekend!

Overall, I believe this was the best HOSR in a long time, and I personally enjoyed the race course itself. Thank you Al Wachlin!


We are now moving into the winter, and many of you want to continue training. For the next 3 Weeks we are going to UP the volume, but lower the intensity. 

Following the week of Thanksgiving we have 12 weeks until the middle of February which ends the winter season.

Attached is the Training program for the next 3-4 weeks. The format is the same as October. CHOOSE your workout each day.


i am planning on competing at the Main Line Slide and Center City Slam this year. I would like to put together a Winter Team that will compete at these races. We actually do have a Concept II logbook team, so if you are interested in earning some T-shirts this winter then look to sign up for some of the Concept II online challenges:

We will probably do the World Indoor Virtual Challenge again this year.

I am planning on setting up the Regatta Software a few weekends this winter, coordinating with the Wharton Sprints. 

For now you can still row outside, however it is getting cold and dark.

As a team, we are doing well with our rowing technique. However, i believe we can get a real jump start this winter with smart, consistent, indoor training and strength training. 


Coached practices will be:

Saturdays - 6:30 am - 8:30 am
Sundays - 6:30 am - 8:30 am

*Unless I have a conflict, which I will inform everyone of at the beginning of the week

There will be NOT evening practices, as it is too dark to go on the water.

Some members have inquired about private boat lessons. That can be arranged with prior notice. 

All good things! Looking forward to a fast winter!

Coach pat