SN Captain's Notes

#1. More volunteers are needed to help Al Wachlin cut the weeds back.  It is affecting everyone. If a member of your club asks what is being done about it, offer that they can help be part of the solution by signing up for an AM or PM cutting session.!/showSignUp/10c0549aea62aa7f94-miss

SNR was larger this year and we did a good job of getting launches and drivers ready. Let's keep that momentum through IDR.

#2 Summer Programs are here and novices are on the river. Make sure that all athletes and coaches are aware of and abide by the rules of the river. This is a good time to reinforce rules to general membership so that they can lead by example.

-The morning after our meeting an 8+ and their coach spun between the island and Columbia. This is an increasing problem with most reports identifying the SN Collaborative and racing teams. Tell the coaches, tell the athletes, enforce the rules in your own house.

  • Absolutely no racing or high stroking is permitted below the Viking statue or along Boathouse Row.
  • No turning or stopping 100 meters above or below a bridge except for Twin Stones.3. Turning is not permitted between Columbia Bridge and the bottom of Peters Island.

#3 Launch etiquette: While not a specific rule, it is generally advised that coaches launch with their crews so as not to wake out the whole river. No wake along boathouse row: upriver clubs' docks and crews should not be penalized because downriver coaches are in a rush to get in/out. Plan ahead, run practices efficiently.

#4 Incident Reporting App: Eric Eckstein from Vesper has very generously donate an incident reporting app to streamline and uniform the process. 
Distribute that link, favorite it, etc. The more buy-in we get, the better the process will be.