Schuylkill Navy Meeting Minutes




CommodorePaul HorvatVice-CommodoreBonnie Mueller Treasurer  Andy LevinSecretary  ------- Log Keeper  John Pagano - excusedQuartermaster  Jack Lees - excused

Member Clubs:

Fairmount Rowing AssociationMike MurphyPennsylvania Barge ClubGene GallagherCrescent Boat ClubMike PierceBachelors Barge Club Henry HauptfuhrerUniversity Barge Club Deirdre Mullen Malta Boat Club  Tom Mickler  Vesper Boat ClubJeff GreenfieldCollege Boat Club  Katie Lane (by phone), for excused Andrew BlumPenn AC  Chris CostelloUndine Barge ClubChris McElroyPhiladelphia Girls’ Rowing Club Michele BaymorGillin Boat Club John Fife

Associate Member Clubs:Whitemarsh Boat ClubErik MensConshohocken Rowing CenterArt PostSedgeley ClubABSENT (Sophie Socha)PA Center for Adapted SportABSENT (Jennifer Koch)Philadelphia City RowingNick DillonHines Rowing CenterAlternate Lois Trench-Hines, for Absent Kiera McCloy

Committee Chairs and Regatta Directors:

Regatta Director, Strategic Partnerships and Public Engagement – Margaret Meigs (Director/Chair)

River Restoration Committee – Paul Laskow (Chair)


Paul Horvat called the meeting to order at 7:04


The minutes of Oct15, 2018 were motioned and seconded for approval, receiving unanimous approval.


(Strategic Priority: Improving River Infrastructure)

Paul Laskow reported that the City of Philadelphia continues to lend its support for acquiring funding for the $4.5-4.7 million needed for Big Dig Restoration. To date, three of the city-based universities have made sizable commitments to support the project and continued recreational use of the river. These institutions - together with the City of Philadelphia , State of Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia Rowing Community (Schuylkill Navy, Schuylkill Navy Boathouse Row Clubs, and three additional regatta organizations ) – currently have made commitments for over $3.2 million.  The Schuylkill Navy is in active discussions with the city regarding continued progress and potential sources of funding to address the current shortfall.

Paul noted his plan to convene the December meeting via phone versus an in-person committee meeting.  Deirdre Mullen of UBC asked whether plans were still on track to commence dredging in July 2019, and Paul confirmed affirmatively.


(Strategic Priority: Improving River Infrastructure)

Bonnie Mueller reported on the recent completion of two successful river clean-ups at Strawberry Mansion Bridge and Lemon Hill.  Paul Horvat shared that the City of Philadelphia has confirmed with the Schuylkill Navy plans for significant investments of $1,000,000 on sea wall repairs from announced bond spending.  Additionally, $250,000 will be invested on the west side of the park for replacement of the current dragon boat / paddling dock. 

Deirdre Mullen asked whether inspection of the sea wall at Boathouse Row could take place while docks were removed during the potential upcoming Summer 2019 dredge, and Bonnie Mueller noted that this possibility would be explored with the City of Philadelphia.


Andy Levin distributed the P&L to date, noting that the Officers and Finance Committee would work to approve and recommend a 2019 budget prior to the end of the year.  Andy also noted that, per last year’s agreement, the River Stewards subcommittee for the EcoHarvester would convene to create an end-of-year summary report for 2018. 


(Strategic Priority: Event Management)

Bonnie Mueller shared with all Delegates the list of Trophy Donors for the upcoming Schuylkill Navy Run and asked all Delegates to continue to encourage participation not only from their members but from those athletes/team from their tenant organizations. 


(Strategic Priority: Developing the Next Generation)

John Fife reported that the Coaches’ Committee will host a holiday Happy Hour on Dec 14 at University Barge Club.  Lois Trench-Hines inquired whether or not all upriver coaches are included in all Coaches’ Committee activities, and Bonnie Mueller affirmed that they are.  Bonnie shared that Coach Fife would serve as one of the Mid-Atlantic coaches for the USRowing’s Regional Youth Challenge in mid-December. 


(Strategic Priorities: Regatta Management)

Bonnie Mueller distributed the dates of all 2019 Schuylkill Navy regattas so that Delegates, Clubs, Captains could begin to plan prep for volunteer and launch management support.  Bonnie confirmed that all volunteer sites would be launched on January 1, per the normal schedule. 

Bonnie also distributed a full report of volunteer services shifts/launch provision – by Club – for the 2018 year. 

Paul Horvat confirmed that the Schuylkill Navy had received its keys for the Sedgley Porter House and will require a small number of capital expenditures prior to the end of the calendar year.  The Board agreed that any needed expenditures should be summarized and distributed for approval via an email vote prior to the end of the calendar year.


The Board agreed to NOT insert an additional December 19th2018 meeting, instead preferring to conduct any needed business via email.

Bonnie Mueller publicly thanked Pennsylvania Barge Club for hosting the Philadelphia City Rowing November 30th“Friendsgiving” and recommended that all Board members consider attending to support the program.

Bonnie also reminded all Delegates of the ongoing Fairmount Rowing Association Toys for Tots (with a final date of November 30th) and the November 24th Schuylkill Navy Red Cross Blood Drive. 

Paul Horvat reminded all Board members that nominations for Schuylkill Navy Officers should be submitted to the Schuylkill Navy general email address (given no current Secretary) by November 30th.    Bonnie noted that Club Presidents should submit the names of their chosen Delegates and Alternates by the end of the year, and that Board Delegates would be sent a reminder of all available Committees for 2019.

SN Captain's Notes

Collision/Safety Reporting - A reminder to everyone to make sure to report safety issues/concerns on the water. We cannot evaluate data and have informed conversations without the initial input. The goal is to have every rower/coach aware of the email address and reporting link to make reports directly to the system. The representatives from the Schulykill Dragons were in attendance to report on a recent event. We have invited them to attend meetings on a regular basis and shared the reporting link.

Following Rules of the River - Brief discussion about making sure to follow the current rules. All acknowledged that issues with weeds, summer coaches, and low water levels have made it hard to follow the traffic patterns correctly in certain areas on the river.

River Issues by Strawberry Mansion - The low water and weeds have compressed upriver traffic...

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SN Captain's Notes

#1 More volunteers are needed to help Al Wachlin cut the weeds back.  It is affecting everyone. If a member of your club asks what is being done about it, offer that they can help be part of the solution by signing up for an AM or PM cutting session.!/showSignUp/10c0549aea62aa7f94-miss

#2 SNR was larger this year and we did a good job of getting launches and drivers ready. Let's keep that momentum through IDR.

#3 Summer Programs are here ...

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