Schuylkill Navy Regatta

Master's Mixed 2x

2nd | R Sargent/S Sargent

Men's Master's 4x

1st | K Montenegro/M Dolson/D Vilimanovic/J Bellesheim (K McCauley)
2nd | T Toland/J Krajewski/T Kowalik/T Sibson (M Bersani)

3rd | J Ulrich/J Scott/D Lennon/J Reardon (T DiAngelo)

Men's Master's 1x

1st | J Svoboda
3rd | J Pratt

Women's Master's 2x

2nd | D Ryu/C Oxley
2nd | S Sargent/B Hogan-Vesper

Men's Masters 2x

2nd | L Connor/G Stefan

Men's Master's 8

1st | S Jonik/P McNamara/B Maher/W Hudome/T McLaughlin/J Dudley/G Stefan/R Galli (M Cipollone)
2nd | J Ulrich/T Sibson/T Kowalik/J Krajewski/S Kowalik/J Scott/J Pokorny/T Toland (M Bersani)

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The Rooster

Congratulations to all of those that competed in the Memorial Day Rooster Race, but most of all congratulations to Djordje Vilimanovic for taking home the Gold.  This was his first time competing.

The Rooster is the coveted race for Fairmount single scullers.