March FRA General Meeting

Fairmount Rowing Association

Minutes of the General Meeting January 7th, 2019


 Attendees – Al Wachlin, Bob Galli, David A. Himes, Jr., Djordie Vilimanovic, Ted Nash., Jim Sonzogni,  Kevin Montenegro, Molly Konopka, Tom Greenwood , John Krajewski, John Ryan, John Willemin, Mike Breslin, Mike J. Murphy, Michael W. Murphy, Rich Alexander, Rob Maier, Sara Sargent, Red Sargent, Rob Hneleski, Steve Kowalik, Tom Kowalik, Craig Bischoff, Eddie Scacchitti, Bill Rafter, Curt Kaufmann, Joe Carroll, Sharon Collins, John Pickford, Paul Read, Ryan Henry, Vensi Ivanoff, David Mercante, Jon Merz, Stephan Matanovic


Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm.


1.       Membership – John Krajewski on behalf of Pete McNamara

Dues were due on 2/28. Please make sure if you have not paid Pete, you do so.


2.       Treasurer’s Report – John Krajewski on behalf of Fred Gerland

Finances are in good order. Numbers were not provided at the time of the meeting. If you have any questions please reach out to Fred and he will be able to answer them appropriately.  


3.       Schuylkill Navy Report – Michael J Murphy

The dredging will occur. The City of Philadelphia is under taking the effort along with the Schuykill Navy. Currently they are about $250,000 off from the final number of 4.5 million. They are waiting for donors to help put the project over the top.

In the meantime, the dredging will occur. The time frame is the following:

April 1st- The Bid goes out 

End of May - Contract Finalized and a time frame will be laid out of when the river and what sections will be dredged.

The idea of decennial dredging has been addressed. It could be funded by a bond that each club, organization and any individual would contribute to yearly. 

We will have to move our dock and will need volunteers to do so. They are looking to be moved above the viking "pedestal"


4.       Captain’s Report –John Scott

We will be purchasing new C2 oars, along with a new quad that is set to arrive on 3/16. We are still in the process of trying to find a new coach. We thank Joe K for stepping in to provide coaching while we look.


5.       House Committee –Sharon Collins

The house is in good standing. Please be mindful of things around you that need to be taken care of while in the boathouse (trash, bar & table tops). New Committee members have joined and gave great feedback and ideas. The sign up list has to be renewed for tasks around the house as well as Spring Cleanup day


6.       Entertainment Committee –Monica Bersani.

Please keep Memorial Day open for the annual Rooster Race. We will have a potluck for the event and we will be dedicating boats as well.


7.       Old & New Business

Communication will be going out soon for the JL store. It will be open for a week at a discounted rate for all of our Fairmount gear. If you would like to add items or have ideas for new gear, reach out to Rob Hneleski.



Meeting adjourned at 7:38 pm.

The next general meeting is May 6th, 2019.


                                                                                                David A Himes Jr

                                                                                                Recording Secretary