Testing and Line Ups

Hello FRA Members,

Captain Scott brought it to my attention that members are already reserving boats for the upcoming Fall Regattas.

Fairmount has asked and required me to put line ups together for practices and the upcoming races.

Those line ups and boat assignment are going to based on the criteria that was agreed upon and discussed by the rowing committee.

That means in order to be considered for a racing line up, and to put together a racing line up, you need to take the test.

I need a starting point for your ability to race.

If you cannot take the test, please email John Scott and I and give us a reason why. I can make modification to the test, so your data can be considered.


If you believe you are fit enough to race one or two head races, then you are fit enough to get on the rowing machine and test.

Otherwise, I am not sure how I will be able to  consider you in a racing line up or set boat because you aren't following the training program. This is also not fair to your teammates and boat mates that are putting in the work on land.

Coach Pat