July 2019 FRA General Meeting

Fairmount Rowing Association

Minutes of the General Meeting July 1st, 2019


 Attendees – Al Wachlin, Bob Galli, David A. Himes, Jr., Djordie Vilimanovic, Jim Sonzogni, Molly Konopka, John Krajewski, John Ryan, John Willemin, Mike J. Murphy, Rich Alexander, Sara Sargent, Red Sargent, Eddie Scacchitti, Vensi Ivanoff, Bill Hudome, Monica Bersani, Mike Cipollone, John Scott, Margo Angelopoulos, Mark Grady, Tom Owsten, Rob Maier, Tom Sibson, S Hogan, Barbara Hogan, Russ Abbey, Paul Read, Laurence Hookway, David Bates, Brian Perkins, Bill Rafter, Dave Lennon, Joe Mcelvenney, J.C Martin.


Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm.


1.       Membership – John K on behalf of Pete McNamara

People who are without a locker will be assigned one shortly. Be on the lookout for communication regarding the assignments.


2.       Treasurer’s Report –Fred Gerland

Finances are in good order. Combining our PNC and Vanguard accounts we have crossed over 500k. If you have any questions please reach out to Fred.


3.       Schuylkill Navy Report – Michael J Murphy

The dredging is still on pace to occur, we are looking at a Mid-August start, October Finish. We are still waiting on when things will be finalized.

The Philadelphia Youth Regatta is looking for volunteers, if you can help out please check out Boathouserow.org to sign up.


4.       Captain’s Report –John Scott

We are in great shape with our equipment. We welcome our new coach John Riley. Fairmount has at least two more summer regattas that we will attend: QCMR and also Carnegie Lake. The club is averaging 28 to 34 members at each practice.


5.       House Committee – John K

The house is in good standing. We are looking to update our fire, security and also our camera systems.


6.       Old & New Business

Quaker City Foundation (Bill Rafter)- Started in the 1990’s. The foundation is run by the board of directors, who are all Fairmount members. The foundations goals are to support rowing, provide funds if ever need to move or prevent sinking and also support the foundation of Fairmount Rowing Association. Right now, the foundations income is dividend, they are currently not solicitating donations. The biggest expenses they have are fees for bank accounts.



Meeting adjourned at 7:44 pm.

The next general meeting is September 9th, 2019.


                                                                                                David A Himes Jr

                                                                                                Recording Secretary