In addition to the Schuylkill Navy Rules of the River and Safety Rules (which have to be known by all rowers), the following rules apply for Fairmount members and guests using club equipment, as well as for all boats leaving the Fairmount dock, including private shells: 

  1. All members/rowers/coaches/coxswains must know how to swim. 
  2. All members/rowers/coaches/coxswains must be familiar with “Schuylkill Navy Rules of the River”. These rules apply to any boat leaving the Fairmount dock. 
  3. Log-out in logbook (laptop computer) before leaving, log-in when back, safety! 
  4.  All oars, club and private, should be painted FRA colors. You belong to the club. Be proud of it! Please, if you own your blades, put your name on them.
  5. No club equipment is to be loaned or rented, to anyone without the Captains permission. 
  6. New Members: Each new member must have a sponsor. The sponsors responsibilities include making sure the new member is capable of rowing. No new member is permitted to row a single or gig without the sponsor and/or coach being with him or her. After a minimum of 50 miles of rowing with the sponsor, the Captain will determine if the new member is qualified to row alone.  The Captain will not sponsor new members.
  7. Guests are not permitted to row club singles. Guests may row team boats as long as a qualified club member is in the boat with the guest and is willing to take responsibility for the guest. Guests are not permitted to bow (steer) a club boat without the Captains permission. Guest, as per the FRA Bylaws, are not allowed to row at FRA more than 5 times per calendar year. Club members always have priority use of club equipment. 
  8. No boats are allowed to leave the Fairmount dock without lights in the dark!
    All FRA club shells have bow and stern lights attached. They are not to be removed,     except for racing.  After racing the lights must be put back on the boats! 
    Club lights are not for use on privately owned equipment.                                        
  9. Twin Stone Bridges: No club boats are permitted above Twin Stone Bridges without an FRA coach or a coxswain, who knows the local perils. 
  10. Rowing may not be permitted or can be limited under special circumstances, such as flood, low temperature, debris on river, races being held etc. This may, if stated, also apply to the usage of private equipment. 

Use of FRA Equipment


A boat usage list is set by the club Captain and posted in the boathouse. This list shows which boats are restricted or semi-restricted. Restrictions are based on weight, boat age and quality, and club priority. Please refer to the notice board in the main boat bay for the most up-to-date version. 

  1. Restricted boats require explicit permission from the Captain. In his/her absence the Coxswain or First Lieutenant shall decide. In their absence the coach may grant temporary permission. Temporary changes and reservations apply, especially during regatta season. Please contact Captain, via Email, for reservations and availability enquiries. Please have race date and time and event number.
  2. Semi-Restricted (this category also applies to OARS and SCULLS, if marked): Do not use without Captain’s permission. 
  3. Never row a boat for which you exceed the weight limit, never! The opposite is OK. 
  4. Ask the Captain’s permission for the use of restricted equipment via Email. Permission is always limited to one particular boat for a particular period of time as stated by the Captain (e.g. race, season, workout). Explain why you are seeking permission to use restricted equipment and for how long. 
    All boats are, or will be, clearly labeled at the bay-side. 
  5. No re-rigging is allowed without the Captain’s permission. Exception: Oarlock heights where “quick clips” are in use. In sculling boats be careful not to upset the Starboard/Portside spread in oarlock height! 
  6. All boats not mentioned on the “Boat Usage List” are private and may not be used without the owner’s permission. Contact the Captain for any inquiries. 
  7. If you have a collision, accident, hit an obstacle on and off the water, the following action is required: - Carefully assess damage. - If there is any damage, no matter how small, put a note on the boat and board - Email or call the Captain immediately.  Never, under any circumstances, put away damaged equipment. If you hit a boat while carrying another boat out, go back and check for damage. Don’t try to cover up! Any material damage can be repaired. But report it! 
  8. Boat maintenance: After EVERY row: -- Wash boat inside/outside with water and mild soap - Remove seats, thoroughly clean tracks and wheels - Never put a seat on the ground with wheels facing down. Check all hardware and tighten. 
  9. Boat handling: Our boat bays and racks are very tight and special attention has to be paid: - When taking out a boat, be cautious not to hit or scratch against riggers of the boat above. - Be very careful when taking out singles in the stairwell bay, if possible, do NOT carry singles alone. - The last person is responsible not to hit anything going in and out with the boat. - Discuss procedure BEFORE taking boat off the rack or off the water! - If you hit something or even think you hit something, follow rule #7! 
  10. The Captain will take disciplinary action against members who violate these rules for safety and equipment usage. 

***No club singles or pairs (doubles are allowed) are to row alone when the temperature is below 46°F by the time of attempted launching. These boats should be in a group consisting of at least three FRA boats or with an FRA launch at all times. The other boats or launch must be within 100 meters of each other. The reason for these precautions is safety. At this low temperatures equipment breakage is more likely. In addition, even the best rower will flip if he or she hits a large enough log in the water. Once in the cold water hypothermia can set in very quickly. 


Club sculls are located in the main bay, hanging in the rack near the bay doors. Please do not use sculls numbered 19 thru 31, these are for the folks racing. Privately owned sculls are stored in other locations throughout the boathouse. If you own your blades, please put your name on them. Please do not use private sculls without the owner’s permission. 
Sweep oars are stored on racks in the La Salle bay and in the small-boats bay. 
Please do not modify oar handles (e.g. by scoring wooden handles; changing grips; etc.) without permission from the captain. 
If handles are soiled with blood or pus from blisters, please wash and disinfect the oar handles before returning to the racks. Detergent and disinfectant are provided. If rubber grips are worn through please inform the captain or a member of the rowing committee to have them replaced. After use, please return all oars to their numbered location.


The club has a number of Concept II rowing machines. These can be used in the locker-room or in the Carlin room. They are used on a first-come basis. If you use an ergometer please wipe it down after EVERY workout. If you are erging in the Carlin room, also make sure you wipe the sweat off the floor. There are cleaning cloths, paper towels and cleaning fluids in the boathouse. Follow these steps: 

  1. Clean the monorail with towel or paper towel until completely clean. 
  2. Clean the seat wheels by pressing towel against back of the wheels and pushing away. 
  3. Wipe off erg handle with towel. 
  4. Ensure floor is clean and dry. 
  5. Don’t be afraid to replace worn batteries.

Club Launches

The launches can only be used by coaches or persons authorized by the captain. 

Ancillary Equipment

There is a variety of ancillary equipment stored in the boathouse. This includes lights, cox-boxes, pitch inserts, height rings, rigging tools, etc. The majority of these are stored in the closet under the stairs in the main bay. The golden rule is to return them to where you got them! If batteries are running low in lights, please replace or notify a member of the rowing committee. 

FRA Boat Maintenance 

  1. All boats must be wiped down after each row. all rowed boats are to be cleaned inside and out with soap and water, tracks should be free of grease, inspect all nuts & bolts for tightness, report any damage.
  2. All Filippis and Hudson 1x’s are RESTRICTED/CAPTAIN’S PERMISSION, except as labeled. At practice, Captain and Coach will determine boatings and match crews to the appropriate shell.
  3.  Any boat in need of repair is to be placed OUT OF SERVICE until fixed.  
  4. Any boat damaged during a row if not repaired after workout is to be:
    A. Marked with Out of Service sign.  
    B. Listed on the boat repair board and
    C. Email Captain Ted Villanueva
  5. No rigging adjustments can be made to club boats or oars without captain’s written permission. The club standards for club boats is as follows:  
    Boat        Spread      Length    Inboard
    1x               160        288        88
    2x               159        288        88
    4x               158        288        88
    2-                86          374        116
    4-                85          374        115
    4+               85.5       374        115.5
    8                 84          374        114
  6. No power tools to be used on club boats.
  7.  Bow-man/Cox is responsible for logging row, wiping down shell (including quick visual inspection of hull), reporting any and all damage.
  8. Crews will be responsible for re-rigging all boats after an away race.  Straps are to be accounted for.


Unfortunately there is a need to hold those responsible for damaging the club equipment and not following the club rules responsible.  These will include verbal/written warnings, followed by suspension of club rowing privileges, and ultimately revocation or non-renewal of club membership.

The river is unpredictable and we are all human.  The only transgression is not notifying the club that equipment has been damaged.  Please keep the lines of communication open as a courtesy to the club and your teammates.