January FRA General Meeting

Fairmount Rowing Association

Minutes of the General Meeting January 7th, 2019

  Attendees – Al Wachlin, Bill Hudome, Bob Galli, Brian Perkins, Monica Bersani, David A. Himes, Jr., Djordie Vilimanovic, Fred Gerland, Ted Nash., Jim Sonzogni, Joe Mcelvenney,  Larry Connor, Kevin Montenegro, Molly Konopka, Tom Greenwood , Paul Stewart, John Krajewski, John Ryan, John Willemin, Margo Angelopoulos, Mike Breslin, Mike J. Murphy, Michael W. Murphy, Rich Alexander, Rob Maier, Kevin P Flynn, Sara Sargent, Red Sargent, Rob Hneleski, Tom Toland, John Scott, Tom Kowalik,Trey Ehmer, Craig Bischoff, Eddie Scacchitti, Jacob Svoboda, Joe Kieffer, Joe Oberlies, Dennis Maccormick, Laurence Hookway, Mike Cipollone, Pete McNamara, Tom Greenwood, Tom Owston.


Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm.

  1.      Membership – Pete McNamara

Dues will be mailed out shortly via email. Please make sure to get your dues paid on time.  If you are deciding not to re-new, please let Pete right away as we have a waiting list for membership.

 2.      Treasurer’s Report – Fred Gerland

Finances through end of 2019:

      Income - $311K

      PNC Bank - $31K

      Vanguard - $425K

3.      Schuylkill Navy Report – Michael J Murphy

There has been some traction for the dredging project. Money has been raised by Schuykill Navy, Boathouse Row (including Fairmount) and Penn, Drexel, and Lasalle to help cover some of the costs. If the project would take place, it would start after the Independence Day regatta on the race course and wrap up hopefully before the H.O.S regatta.

 4.      Captain’s Report –John Scott

Please be mindful of the equipment in the boat bays. Dings are still occurring even with measures being taken to prevent them. We are in the early stages of trying to find a new coach. We thank Joe K for stepping in to provide coaching while we look.

 5.      House Committee – John Krajewski (On Behalf of Sharon Collins)

The house is in good standing.

 6.      Entertainment Committee –Monica Bersani.

Please be on the lookout for an e-vite for the Club Banquet that will take place at the end of Feburary/early March (date tba)

 7.      Old & New Business

None to report

 8.      Nominations

The following individuals have been elected for officer and board positions.

 President: John Krajewski

 Vice President: Kevin Montenegro                                                                

Coxswain:  Margo Angelopoulos

First Lieutenant: Djordie Vilimanovic

Board of Directors: Al Wachlin, Mike J Murphy

 The following members retain their seat as officers:

Captain: John Scott

Treasurer: Fred Gerland               

Financial Secretary: Pete McNamara

Recording Secretary: David Himes Jr

Schuylkill Navy Representative: Michael J. Murphy                  

Meeting adjourned at 7:43 pm.

The next general meeting is March 4th, 2019.


                                                                                                David A Himes Jr

                                                                                                Recording Secretary